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Cedar's Mediterranean Grill is a delicious blend of predominantly Italian and Lebanese Mediterranean food, with the same heart-healthy ingredients known throughout the region.  Our restaurant was formed from the merger of two award winning favorite restaurants within Bastrop County.

You’ll find these Lebanese Mediterranean dishes on our menu: Kafta (Beef & Lamb), Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves), Hummus, Tabouli, Fattoush, Lamb & Okra Stew, Lentil Soup, Baba Ganush, Falafel Wrap, Death by Garlic Chicken Wrap, and Baklava.  And for our special menu type groups or parties, we have some others we can make as well.

In addition to our Italian & Lebanese Mediterranean fare, we have kept a few of the local favorites, like the 1/2 pound burgers (best price in town!), Ribeye Steaks, and our Death by Garlic Chicken wrap. Some items are very different on our lunch menu than the dinner menu, so make sure you check out both our lunch & dinner menus if you're looking for one of your favorites. 

You'll find Cedars to be a versatile option for your catering needs.  No limitations to just Italian and Mediterranean for our catering functions.

Our atmosphere is casual dining.  Although still casual in the evenings, we lower the lighting and have candles at the tables to create more ambiance.  Our rear dining room now also features an electric fireplace.  This is a great room for private parties, or to serve groups.

What our customers are saying about us:

Adam W. -  " The owner was very welcoming, the service was great and the food was fantastic. Couldn't of asked for a better home cooked meal at a very reasonable price."

Jazmin O. - " I ordered the grilled kafta and it was freaking delicious. It was a perfect portion and very tasty. The humus did not disappoint. I will definitely be back soon. Also, the service was great and I really appreciate top notch service."

Stephen N. - " This place may look rinky-dink on the outside, but the inside is quite nice. The soups were just about the best I'd ever had, they actually had craft beer here, and the entrées were absolutely delicious. I got lamb kafta which was moist and savory. The tebouli was fresh and the pita was soft and warm. I was very impressed for a place in Bastrop."

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